An itinerant salesman.

Packman's Puzzle
A street or housing estate where the house numbers are allocated in a complicated fashion which causes problems to visitors, tradesmen etc., etc.,

Literally, from the Welsh word for 'petticoat', but used to suggest effeminacy; "He's a nice chap, but a bit (of a) paish."

Pass the time of day
To exchange pleasantries when meeting friends and acquaintances; "He was in an 'urry, but still managed to pass the time of day with me!"

Possibly a derivation of 'paish'.

Fuss and bother, as in "He's done it this time for sure - there'll be a lot of palaver about this!"

Back and forth; "He was in and out of bed all night - parading to the toilet."

Passed very high
Possessing good academic qualifications; "Their youngest got a good 'ead on 'im - passed very high you know!"

Pat, black...
Wenglish for 'cockroach'.

Patch, not a...
Not to be comparedwith, as in "These cakes are not a patch on those ones last week!"

Pay your way
To meet one's committments; "By the time I paid my way, there's nothing left..."

(a) raining heavily
(b) Throwing stones

Wenglish for 'pure'

Picking (with) rain
Beginning to rain; "It's picking (with) rain again - best take the brolly I s'pose?", or "It's picking to rain.", from the Welsh word 'pigan' meaning 'starting to rain'.

Picking up with
Getting into company with; "They picked up with some nice people on holiday."

Picking up on
Criticising; "She's always picking up on the way I do talk!"

Selection, choice, as in "By the time I got to the jumble sale, all the best pickings were gone!"

Welsh-cakes, from the Welsh "Piciau ar y maen" (on the stone)

(a) A young woman; "Have you met his new girlfriend? - a tidy piece she is!"
(b) A round of bread and butter

A much enjoyed South Wales tea-time treast which might be described as a 'drop scone'. The word is a derivation of 'pyglyd' (pitchy bread).

Pinking up
To make oneself ready, to 'titivate' (from the Welsh)

Pisio cath/pisio crics
Very weak tea

Pitch in
(a) To set to work with a will; "I I atto leave myself plenty of time to catch the bus, so I was up early and pitched in with my work first go-off!" (b) Get on with eating; "You must be starving - pitch in, there's 'eaps for everybody!"

Pitched a tale
Told an improbable story "... more fool 'er! 'E pitched 'er a tale about why 'e was late - an' she swallowed it!"

Playing the bear with
Causing a good deal of pain/suffering/bother; "This weather do play the bear with me... "

Wenglish pronunciation of 'plaid', as in "She looks very smart in her Scotch plod rig-out."

(a) A mixture of potato and swede. The Welsh word is 'ponsh-maib'
(b) To mess about with, as in ""He's always potchin(g) with something or other in that shed of his down the back... "
(c) Trouble, as in "She's forever in some potch or other about something!"

Pouring, raining...
Rather than say "It's pouring with rain", many Wenglish speakers prefer "It's raining, pouring!", or "It's pouring down!"

Interchangeable with 'real' meaning 'definite', as in "Don't give it to him - he's a proper flag!"

Puff, out of...
Out of breath; "She was out a puff when she got there because she'd been rushing up the trip."

Looking less than clean, in need of a wash; "There's pug you're looking - can't you have a tidy wash?" From the Welsh 'pyglyd' meaning 'like pitch'.

(a) A bout of, as in "This morning again, 'e 'ad a nasty pull a coughin'!"
(b) To climb, as in "They live right up on the top - it's one 'ell of a pull to get there!"

Pulled about
Messed up, disarranged; "I hate the place all pulled about when you're having the (chimney) sweep!"

Pulled to pieces
Very severely criticised; "The teacher pulled her to pieces about the way she was carryin(g) on!"

(a) Place, as in "When she told me that, it shook me rigid - I didn't know where to put myself for a minute!"
(b) Provide, as in "... and of course, I put tea for all of them... "
(c) Serve with; "Put me a couple of them pears please?"

(a) Fussy, as in "...very putickler about 'is food 'e is..."
(b) In question, as in "... well as I was saying, this particular man was looking for 'is butty.... "

Put oneself straight
Smarten oneself up; "Tell her I'll be up in a minute - as soon as I've put myself straight like..."