John Edwards has made his lifetime study, the peculiarities of the Welsh/English dialect. He named this dialectical oddity "Wenglish" and recorded it as it is spoken, mainly in the valleys and townships of South Wales (that's OLD South Wales for our antipodean visitors).

The original books Talk Tidy, and More Talk Tidy, were written in 1985 and 1986 respectively and though they were out of print for a long time, they are now available once more (see below) including cartoons by the late great Gren.

In addition to reissuing the books, John Edwards has also recorded a series of CD's demonstrating Wenglish 'in use' All are available for purchase at his live talks, or direct from him at his home address (see ABOUT US)

The books also are available via Amazon UK by clicking on the links opposite. They'd make a great little present for any occasion!

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