Rainin(g) Nasty
Raining very heavily

Very painful, as in "She've been up all night with toothache, rampin(g)!"

Wenglish pronunciation of 'reared'; "She wasn't brought up 'round 'ere, - rared by 'er Auntie she was."

Radically Wrong
Very wrong; "There's something radically wrong with this - I can't make it go for love nor money!"

To take up; "Before I could make a start on the work I 'ad to raise the ashes." A translation from the Welsh.

Prefer, as in the oft-repeated "Pink I do like, but blue I do rather...", also "I'd much rather.... "

Really/Reely speaking
In actual fact; "... it looks like a Corgi, but reely speakin(g) it's a mongrel."

Examined, as in "Youer daft you are - you want youer head read!"

Regularly, as in "'E's one of the lucky ones I reckon - 'e's days reg'lar, top pit!"

Cinders, the end product of using a 'ribbler'/seive on the remains of a spent fire. The ribblings, often mixed with small coal, provide 'banking' for many a fire.

Right enough
Definitely right

Right as rain
Fit, as in "She had a nasty cough last week, but she's right as rain now, again."

Used to express agreement, to show willingness; "Right-o then, tell her I'll be up, now... " The alternative to this, is "Right you are then".

Right off
(a) Straight away, as in "I won't hang about with this - I'll do it right off for you."
(b) Completely, as in "I've had a sickener of beans - I've gone right off them now!"

Outfit; "I like yoer new rig-out.... very nice indeed..... that style's all the rage now!!

(a) Purchase; "I just had time to rise my ticket before the train came in!"
(b) Commence; "The funeral will rise from the house at two o'clock".

Both these examples show how literally the Welsh expression has been translated.

Road, any...
In any case; ".... any road, I wouldn't go now - even if they asked me!"

Road, like the...
Very dirty; "...coming in here like the road after potching out the back... ach y fi!"

A disreputable person. The last train up the valleys from places like Cardiff and Newport was once called "The Rodney's"

Rolling in it
Having it in abundance; "'E don't give much money when they come 'round collecting - an 'e's rolling in it!"

Dyed in the wool, arrogant"It's no good arguing with him - he's a ronk Communist!". The Welsh word for this 'Rhonc'.

Rose up his/her sleeve
Encouraged, urged on; "For shame on you - he's in real trouble now - and you rose up his sleeve all through!"

A good deal of 'palaver', and bother, usually noisy, as in "You've been told 'eaps of times about that - an' you've done it again - there'll be ructions when youer father gets in!"

Badly, as in "He promised faithful - and 'ere it is again - 'e've let me down rotten!"

Not really well, as in ".... damn aye mun, I feel rough this morning!"

Wenglish for 'rhubarb'

Rush you
Charge, as in "I like youer 'at - 'ow much did they rush you for that?"