Plus, as in "I've only got a pound odd on me."

Of going
Since i was already going; "... of going to Ponty, I thought I'd get a few things from the market."

(a) Going to, as in "Where (are) you off to this morning?", or "I'm off home now.", or "Where are you off to?"
(b) Angry, upset; "He'll off when he hears about that!" (c) On the go; "That baby is proper craxy again - had us off all night with him he did!"

Off Sick
Away from work due to ill health

Off (h)is head
Behaving strangely, showing signs of mild derangement

Off with
Having a disturbed time; "He had a nasty smack at work and last night he was off with his shoulder again!"

Oil cloth
A fondly remembered word from childhood meaning "linoleum".

Oils, in his...
In his element; "Give 'im a book to read, and 'e's in 'is oils!"

Strange; "Funny old day, innit?", or "Funny old stick 'e is!".

(a) Belonging to; "There's some paws on that dog!"
(b) About, as in "Don't call names on people!"

Both these examples show the influence of the original Welsh way of saying these things.

On a course of tablets/tabluts
Many Wenglish speakers like to give their ailments a certain significance so that, instead of saying merely that they have been prescribed drugs or pills, they prefer, "I was under the doctor and he put me on a course of tabluts!"

On me
In my possession, as in "I'll have to pay you again - I don't 'ave enough on me right no!"

On (h)is own
A humorous comical character; "'E's a real scream - 'e's on 'is own that one! Aye!"

On pins
Agitated; "Nothing's to 'ot or to 'eavey for 'im - I'm on pins with 'im 'alf the time!"

On the go
In the course of preparation; "When they asked me to come over for a bit of dinner I told them it was too late, my dinner was already on the go!"

On the road
Outside; "Your father will be here soon, he's just talking to someoneon the road.", or "the only time I ever see her is when I meet her on the road!"

On the trot
Consecutively; "It's funny how the same thing's happened to me three days on the trot...!"

'Ope in 'ell
The remotest chance; "'E thinks 'e's ok for the driving test, but in my opinion 'e 'aven't got an 'ope in 'ell!"

Open tap
The commencement of licensing hours; "Jew, when's open tap around 'ere? I got a thirst I wouldn't sell for a quid!"

Opening medicine
Local expression meaning "laxitive".

Or no
Or not; I don't know for certain if 'e'll be coming or no!"

Wenglish for 'our' and 'ours' also 'hour'. Pronounced 'oww-uh'

Out of
Without, as in "Sorry, we're out of them but we'll be 'aving more in now, in an hour or so!"

Problems, as in "'E's a real 'andful - we do 'ave some outings with 'im I can tell you...!"

Overcoat colder
Considerable colder; "Damn aye, it's (an) overcoat colder in Merthyr than down Cardiff - and (an) overcoat and muffler colder in Brynmawr!!"