Severely, as in "Take your umbrella with you because it might come on to rain nasty!"

Wenglish for 'nearly'.

(a) An expression showing complete disbelief; "Is that what he told you? - Never!"
(b) A firm denial; "Did I take them? - No I never!"

Never right
Having something seriously wrong, as in "I've told him and told him, til I'm blue in the face, but he's still at it - he's never right that's for sure!"

A word used locally for a young male member of the family; "Keep youer eye on Niblo and see what he's up to!"

Nines, up to...
To the limit, as in "She fancies her chances, she do - always done up to the nines, even when she's not going anywhere!"

Noise, a big...
Someone of importance, as in "He's a big noise with the Legion/Buffs/Masons... "

Nothing for
Not very partial to, as in "I got a real soft spot for pikelets, but I'm nothing for rice pudding!"

Not much money to play with
Not a great deal of surplus cash; "By the time I've paid my way, there's not much left to play with, I can tell you!"

Now jest
Later on, as in "I won;t take them now, I'll have them now jest.". Sometimes used to mean "a short while ago", "... now, what was I saying now jest...?"
c.f. again, agen

Rarely used to mean 'immediately'; "I'll be going up to Murrayfield for the match now.", or "I'll see to itnow, when I get home."

Now I'm coming
It's only now that I've arrived! "Now I'm coming down here - it's shameful them buses!".