Indulgence, spoiling, as in "He's gone to live away now, but he's often home for a hit of muldod" "Maldod" is a Welsh word.

Usually pronounced "mungee" - grandmother, "Mamgu" is the South Wales word for grandmother. Nain, is preferred in North Wales

Local word for a 'pick'.

Mark, left its...
Effect, as in ".... 'e've been real bard and it 'ave left its mark on 'im now.... "

Mary Jane
Effeminate; "He's a nice enough fellow, but he's a bit of a Mary Jane of course."

Match, like a...
Very quick tempered; "Watch out how you talk to him - like a match he is!"

Mind out
Take care, beware' "Mind out - you nearly hit that over!" or "Mind that by there - move it can't you?", or "Mind that out of the way!".

Mean, stingy, as in "They're proper mingy in that shop - only give you (a) eyeful a sweets for ten pence!"

Minute, in a...
Later on, not as immediate as it sounds; "You'll have to wait - I'll let you have it in a minute."

Wenglish word for playing truant.

Hide and Seek

Ruining, spoiling, as in "You've put the moch/mockers/molochi on that fire proper with all that small coal!"

Confused, uncertain, as in "I can;t take a crowd of them coming now - I do get moithered like..."

Wenglish for 'mauve'

Most probably/most probly
Almost certainly, as in "He's most probly with 'is brother down the club."

A good deal of cheek; "They take a bling bit of notice of what I say - when I do tell 'em off all I do get is a mouthful!"

A scarf, not of the flimsy type!

Murder, half...
A local threat; "I'll 'alf murder you if I get my hands on you!".