sites we liketo link to

The Online Dictionary of Playground Slang
An eclectic collection of odd words, phrases, song lyrics and  slang  from around the world. Each is in its own indexed area and each is as funny as the next. Enjoy!

Australian Opinion
A forum dedicated to the ongoing  issues in Australian society... and anywhere else that takes the fancy of members. There's a Shoutbox, and individual blogs for all. The site is still developing so more features are sure to be added soon.

Hymns and Arias
The full unexpurgated  lyrics to all those foul, disgusting, and downright nasty rugby songs we love to sing, but are embarrassed to ask the words to. All here along with 'old favourites' and even traditional hymns sung in churches and chapels throughout Wales and the rest of the world.

Opinion Australia
Rambling occasionally incoherent blog covering comment on Australian life and Welsh Dog's continuing struggle to make sense of his personal  life. Quite pathetic really... but readable :)

Another bog run by a psychiatric nurse with an 'interesting' take on  the world. Don't upset her... she bites!!

and.... ??