A good hiding; "You're asking for a good lambasting/lamping if you don't watch it!"

In one's element; "Give 'im something to potch with and 'e's in 'is element!"

Last go off/Last lap
At the very end, as in "I reminded 'im to put the cat out, last go off/last lap."

Wenglish for 'teach'; the Welsh word 'dysgu' is used to mean both 'learn' and 'teach'.

Let himself/herself go
Not keeping up appearances; "'E've let 'imself go since 'is wife died, you can tell!"

Let loose
Acting in a wild manner; "Behave yourself, will you? - you're acting like as if you're let loose!"

Lick, a tidy...
At a good pace; "They've nabbed him again for speeding, he must've been going at a tidy lick!"

Lie on
Stay in bed later than usual; "I can have a lie on in the morning as it's Saturday."

Life, got to be for my...
Having to be alert; "There's no knowing what 'e'll be up to next - I gorrw be for my life with 'im!"

Like a good 'un
As well as ever, as in "Lately 'e've been off 'is food - but 'e's eating like a good 'un again!"

Like a lath
Very thin; "She've been on that diet this ages and lately she'vegone like a lath/as thin as a lath!"

Like a shot
Without delay, as in "I only had to ask him the once - he did it like a shot - fair play!"

Line, on the...
On the railway, as in "He used to work on the line, for sure."

Livin(g) Tally
Co-habiting without benefit of clergy; "They've been lin(g) tally ever since 'er 'usband cleared off."

The faintest, outside chance, as in "He thought he was a cert for that job, but when it came to, he didn't even have a look-in!"

Giving an appearance of, as in "It's looking nice with you now you've had the place done up!"

Looking daggers
Giving disapproving looks

Prospect; "It's a poor look-out for them now, since he's been made redundant."

Looks, no...
Right feeling for, as in "It's no good, since I've had it cleaned I've no looks on it now."

Loose go!
Wenglish for 'Let go!', 'Release it!'. This command may also be 'Leave go!', or 'Let go of it!'.

Losing in oneself
Becoming almost permanently moithered, confused; "She's gone, she can't remember a thing - I think the poor dab is losing in herself - must be her age!"

Sweets, from the Welsh

Lost the bus
Missed the bus - a translation of the Welsh expression.

A goot deal, often, as in "I like this new coat - I wear a lot of it!"

Big, as in "He's a real lump of a boy - got to have his school clothes made special for him!"