I Been
Wenglish for 'I have been'; "Porthcawl? I been there 'eaps a times/heaps of times.", or "I been down the shops, I have."

I could eat him
The ultimate of fondness; "When I see that little dwt sleeping, all cwtched up - Jew, I could eat 'im."

Evaporated Milk, once very popular for use with 'tin frute' like 'chunks' (pineapple cubes).

Out of work, unemployed: NOT often used locally to mean shiftless.

In a minute
(a) Shortly, presently, as in "Don't keep on will you? You shall 'ave it now - in a minute!"
(b) Willingly; "You should 'ave asked 'er - she'd 'ave done it for you in a minute!"

Into everything
Prying into, and messing up - cupboards etc. Much used about young children who have recently learned to walk or crawl; "He's coming on a treat, but he's into everything now."

It goes through me
It upsets me deeply, as in "When I see it on the telly - all those children - it goes right through me... "

'Ighly/highly, ... honoured
Truly privileged, as in "You can count yourself 'ighly 'onoured my lady - she don't let many do that!"

Lacking manners rather than lacking knowledge

Is it?
Often used as an interrogative, this is a working translation of the Welsh form "going shopping is it?" or Having a bit of dinner is it?"