Fagged out
Tired out, exhausted

Fair do's
Fair dues, fair play

Think, believe, as in "I don't know for sure where he's working now, but I fancy he used to work on the line."

Wishing, longing for the unattainable; "Only fancying I was! You know I've got strict orders not to eat that!"

Fear (no... )
In no way! Certainly not! As in, "We told him straight - 'No fear!' - not after what happened last time... "

Sympathetic; "You can always talk to her - I've always found her very feeling."

Fell it down
Wenglish for 'dropped it'.

Wenglish for 'whitlow'. The Welsh word for it is 'ffelwm'

Attractive, as in "You're looking very fetching in your new rig-out!"

Fussy, pernickitty, as in "My daughter is on to me that I'm to fidgetty, but fair play, there's times those kids do get me down!"

Fine one
Used in the context of "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."; "You're a fine one to talk, telling him not to do that - you're always doing it yourself!"

First go off
At the very beginning, firstly as in "When we got there we went to have a cup of tea, first off "
c.f. last go off, last lap

Knowing one's way around the system; "She's fit that one - she do get everything that's going!"

Fits, forty...
Extreme fright, as in "When he told me what had happened I nearly had forty fits!"

Fix, in a...
An unenviable state; "I was in a proper fix. I atto get one straight off, and none to be had with the shops all shut."

An unreliable person, as in "I wouldn't get him to do it - he's a proper flag!" Such a person may be a "bit of a flag" if deemed to be less than completely unreliable

A daringly flirtatious woman is always referred to as being 'flighty'.

Fly one
A crafty person; "He's a fly one, making out he didn;t know anything about it - and who was the first one there... ?"

Advanced, as in "Our Sal's little one is really knowing - she's forward for her age."

To the limit, as in "It was burned to a frazzle", or "I'm worn to a frazzle with all I got to do!". Another example "She had worked herself up into a real frazzle!"

(a) New, extra, as in "Will you credit it? I've gone and caught a fresh cold on top of the one I had!"
(b) Very cold, as in "It's fresh this morning after that frost."

Sulked, as in "She've been frumping for a spell now, but leave 'er be - she'll come round, you'll see... "

Full fuss
In a state of enthusiasm, as in "Ages I was getting them two ready, but now they've gone off full fuss on their outing."

Full of it
(a) Exhuberant, mischevious, as in "Look at 'im - like as if 'e was at death's door yesterday - and today, there he is, full of it"
(b) In the throes of a bad attack of an illness; "I was sure yesterday I was over the worst of this flu, but look at me today - full of it again

Full pelt
With all speed, as in "When I told him about it, he was on pins to get there, and then of he went, full pelt!"