Early days yet
To soon to tell, as in "It's early days yet - only starting they are after all."

Certainly, without doubt, as in "I don't know for certain how many there were, but it was an easy sixty!"

Echoo (The... )
An evening paper, widely read in the valleys north of Cardiff.

Be quiet; a derivation from the Welsh 'Ust'.

Not classified under 'H' because, without doubt, "how the hell" always seems to emerge in local speech as "'ow the 'ell", as in "'ow the 'ell am I 'sposed (supposed) to get down by there?", and "It's an 'ell of a way off...", or "I 'ad an 'ell of a job finding them!"

End (no... )
Abundant, plentiful, as in "There;s no end of bargains to be 'ad in the sales."

Believe, as in "They've been therethis ages, and it'll be a tidy spell before thay get back, I expect!"

A small inadequate amount; "I'm not on a diet now, an(d) you've only given me (an) eyeful of chips!"